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Fast fashion and fast food: bad for us and bad for the world

Our mainstream fashion world seems to have two sides to it. One side: Louis Vuitton, Versace, Madonna, Monaco, chain blinger, rap singer, MTV, glitz and glam. Its full steam ahead for all those that can afford it. Yeehar. The other side of the coin for all those that can’t? All of that for less. We… Continue reading Fast fashion and fast food: bad for us and bad for the world

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Two thumbs up to Arobake!

The fantastic Max and his team are happily providing fantastically  fresh baked goodies for all shwoppers  to enjoy  at The Big Shwop - Wellington tomorrow. Yay! If you don't know the joys of Arobake, than get yourself down to the kind cats on Aro Street now. Its their 20th birthday this year, which tells you… Continue reading Two thumbs up to Arobake!

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Trilogy skincare, the jungle, and you….

Wellington shwoppers are going to be totally treated this Saturday. We are all so excited about it!  There is so much in store for you all.  Obviously there will be fine fresh clothes to be had by all the shwoppers. That is after all what The Big Shwop is all about -  providing us all… Continue reading Trilogy skincare, the jungle, and you….

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Organic Sauvignon for MOMO launching at The Big Shwop – Auckland

Just three days to go and yes ladies, The Big Shwop - Auckland just keeps getting better and better! Not registered yet for the hottest eco-fashion event of the year? Get on over here and do so now! The 2009 MOMO Sauvignon Blanc will be officially released at The Big Shwop - Auckland. MOMO has… Continue reading Organic Sauvignon for MOMO launching at The Big Shwop – Auckland

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two thumbs up: trilogy skincare

Toot toot! Just six days to go till The Big Shwop - Auckland. Exciting! Don't forget to register online at to guarantee a spot. The Big Shwop  is not only about divine clothes, but also super styley sustainability. We've got some spectacular goodies lined up to help create a really enjoyable eco-fashion day on… Continue reading two thumbs up: trilogy skincare


Eco-fashion on the catwalk

Eco-fashion is taking over. It is great to see fashion labels, both here and overseas rethinking how their garments are being made. “Eco-fashion” should refer to stylized clothing that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics and responsible production techniques. Clothes and accessories that meet such criteria are usually made using organic raw materials, such as cotton grown without… Continue reading Eco-fashion on the catwalk

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a recipe for op-shopping success…

Take one provincial town, a weekday, twenty dollars and two strong biceps. Make sure the biceps trawl the racks till they ache. Locate potential booty and adjourn to the fitting room. Delight in new found treasures on exit from building. Repeat till all the Vinnies shut at 3pm. check out a couple of my scores… Continue reading a recipe for op-shopping success…