How does it work?

The idea is a simple one – you bring along your unwanted, barely worn quality clothes and exchange them for vouchers.

When the shwop begins, you can ‘cash in’ your vouchers for any of the other lovely threads on offer. Guilt free shopping straight ahead!

To check out how the day will run have a look at The Big Shwop – Kāpiti page. 


What do I bring to The Big Shwop?



  • Shwoppers bring in quality items of clothing and get to take home new pieces of great quality clothing too. The Big Shwop is a “Fashion Store without the Money” and that is what makes it so distinctive. Its all about redistributing quality clothing that we aren’t wearing.

  • Be brave! Bring in that splendid dress that you’ve only worn once! Shwop that jacket that you love but is a size too big! Free those amazing jeans that just aren’t your style!
    And in exchange, pick up things that you will wear, that you do fit and that you absolutely will love.

  • Shwop volunteers ‘vet’ the clothes you will bring in for The Big Shwop to keep the quality high. Our volunteers reserve the right to refuse clothes for The Big Shwop.

  • We work really hard to keep this process fair. If you have an item refused from The Big Shwop, that you really think should be included, there is a Second Chance Shwopkeeper who will consider it again.

  • All clothing to be shwopped needs to be a quality piece of clothing. It needs to be fashionable and still looking good. Its hard to say what is and isn’t good to shwop and the science isn’t exact. Bring things that you would be able to sell second-hand. If it cost close-to-nothing when you bought it brand new, then it’s not for The Big Shwop.

  • Remember, The Big Shwop is not your usual secondhand clothing collection – all clothing to be shwopped needs to be in really good condition. Of course, clothing should have no marks, missing buttons, no pills or pulls, no rips or broken zips.