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Plastic Fantastic

After seeing this impressive Christmas tree, made out of plastic bottles, on Unconsumption, I thought it would be fun to gather other upcycling ideas for the humble plastic bottle off Pinterest. 1. Plastic room divider/curtain.  2. Plastic bottle apartment garden 3. Wintry Christmas Stars 4. Magic Fairy Lights 5. Cool art installation 6. Plastic bottle… Continue reading Plastic Fantastic

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Shwoproject: Repurposed Printers Tray

Organising my collection of  jewellery has always been a struggle. I've run the gamut of  jewellery trees, wires on walls, mesh in empty picture frames and various  jewellery boxes and always somehow come up short. But after seeing this image via Pinterest, I thought it was worth having a crack at once again. And good news… Continue reading Shwoproject: Repurposed Printers Tray

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Floral beauties

No-one would give the eco-thumbs up to a gas guzzling Hummer, ammirite? But what about a beautiful vase of flowers? Well they aren't as harmless as you may first think. Unless they are picked in your own backyard than they have certainly travelled. If they were commercially farmed than its likely that plenty of  pesticides… Continue reading Floral beauties