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Giveaway announced: ecostore bodycare pack

Thanks to all The Big Shwop Blog readers who entered the ecostore giveaway that we had last week. We used our favourite random comment generator. Sarah won a fantastic stash of body care products to keep her skin all lovely and pretty all summer. Nice work Sarah! 😉 PS.  I don't just wink at perfect strangers… Continue reading Giveaway announced: ecostore bodycare pack

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Plastic Fantastic

After seeing this impressive Christmas tree, made out of plastic bottles, on Unconsumption, I thought it would be fun to gather other upcycling ideas for the humble plastic bottle off Pinterest. 1. Plastic room divider/curtain.  2. Plastic bottle apartment garden 3. Wintry Christmas Stars 4. Magic Fairy Lights 5. Cool art installation 6. Plastic bottle… Continue reading Plastic Fantastic