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Watch: Beyond Kew Gardens

Back when I lived in London, I remember skulking around Kew Gardens on one cool autumn day. It was a  lovely park and a lovely day. I never went back though. Strange really as I went past it on the District Line to Richmond countless, countless times. This series of videos takes you behind the… Continue reading Watch: Beyond Kew Gardens

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Join the Watch

This year, 25 countries will decide the fate of the Antarctic Ocean, potentially opening it up to a scale of commercial fishing that would devastate this pristine environment. The Antarctic Ocean Alliance, have begun a global campaign to put pressure on those making the decisions. Their vision is to create the world's largest network of… Continue reading Join the Watch

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From a culture of me, to a culture of we

The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) are basically a bunch of clever clogs using their big brains to sort out our problems in the 21st century. Thank goodness for that eh? 😉 Each year, they invite film makers to animate some of their talks in the RSA film competition,… Continue reading From a culture of me, to a culture of we