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Shoe evolution

Love the idea of these – two in one shoe, a ballet flat and a stiletto. Wear them out for the night and just pack away the heels when you’ve had enough. Or, wear the flats to work and slip on the heels for some clubbing. Clever.

They have some eco-credentials, using some recycled and earth-friendly products in their manufacture. The shoes are lightweight, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic. The insoles have some antibacterial guff going on too which you can “recharge” under the sun.

But I cant understand some of their claims. The shoe apparently “enhances and protects ecosystems and diversity” and “improves air quality”. Sounds pretty amazing if its true, but not too sure how evidenced this actually is.

In the meantime, here’s to the continuation of shoe evolution – from mean to green.

Shoes from Nael Coce. Via Ecouterre.

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