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Watch: Seductive Marni at H & M

Its this kind of campaign that rails me. Soooooo seductive. Hot-horse Sophia Coppola has directed the latest ad campaign for a collaborative range between the fashion house of Marni and high street megastar H & M. And boy does it look gooooood.

It has it all – Marrakesh, retro sun-soaked backing track, delicious eye-makeup, warm sun, greyhounds, candles, a pool and hot, hot people wearing covetable patterned threads living a life of enviable lax. What’s missing? Hmmmm, maybe just the small fact that H & M haven’t paid their garment workers a living wage for making this s**t.

Such a thin veneer of glamour over the labour behind the label.   What would the ad look like if it were telling us the truth? For one, it would be set in the slums of Bangladesh or India, and not in the resorts of Morocco. But hey ho, it looks good on their wealthy bodies so who cares where it came from right?


Sounds like heaps of fun to shop on the launch day too. Gee whizz.

For more information about H & M’s labour record, see our blog post here, and this here, and this here,  and well – there’s a lot of it. Google away.


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