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From a culture of me, to a culture of we

The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) are basically a bunch of clever clogs using their big brains to sort out our problems in the 21st century. Thank goodness for that eh? 😉

Each year, they invite film makers to animate some of their talks in the RSA film competition, and the top five have been selected to vote on. Go have a look at them all. This one in particular though resonated with me.

Not that actual event of The Big Shwop works online in any big way at all, but I do see shwopping as part of the new movement of collaborative consumption, from a culture of me to a culture of we. Its exciting to think that we are in the nascent stages of  a tide turn toward a way of operating that is big and wonderful and long-lasting ( and don’t you just love the word nascent? Its beautiful.)

This video is awesome too. It brings to live some of the global food issues through moving broccoli and a half eaten apple. Clever indeed.

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