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Downsize me/The Wardrobe diet. Step Three: Shoes

Onto shoes. I am no Imelda Marcos when it comes to shoes. I have struggled buying ethically made shoes in the past, and so apart from a few pairs, the rest of these guys were bought second hand.

And I dont know – buying shoes second-hand just ain’t as enticing somehow. Hence my modest collection of 34 pairs of shoes. Not counting running/tramping shoes. No way I am using my quota up on those!

But apparently, that is far, far too many shoes. In the world of wardrobe minimalism, 8 pairs is all a lady needs,

I tried to hack my collection down to 8 pairs, but it was too, too mean. I got pretty close though.  I am very proud of getting my hoof options down to 12 pairs. Oh me, Oh my.

1. Full length black leather riding boots – vintage
2. Terra Plana black leather mid-calf boot – bought from Starfish
3. Trackers Cowboy ankle boot – vintage
4. Character Black Dance shoe – bought in London/vintage
5. Nude colour heeled shoe – bought in London
6. Stone coloured strapped heel – vintage
7. Wooden wedge –  bought from Overland actually – made in Italy
8. Hogl shoe – bought in the marvellous Wairarapa at a particularly pleasing price
9-12 Various beachy flats

I hope I wont come to regret this fit of spartan.

I might just condense Steps 4-6 for your reading pleasure into a handy chart. There are only so many before and after shots you want to see I am sure. 

1 thought on “Downsize me/The Wardrobe diet. Step Three: Shoes”

  1. NO to the idea of condensing the next steps into charts – I Like These before and afters! Very inspiring – though rather than wear and not wear clothes my wardrobe is more things that fit and don’t fit. lol. one lives in hope of one day fitting these clothes again. maybe I need help?!

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