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Downsize me/The Wardrobe diet. Step Two: Scarves

So, sorting out my scarves were a breeze. I knew I had heaps of these suckers and boy was I right. But as I normally keep them stuffed in a bowling bag I never see exactly how many.

Soooooo, with a drum roll, here is my scarf collection before the cull. I had to take two photos, one of my longer scarves and one of my silkies. I love silk scarves but I collect them FAR more than I wear them. There were 28 scarves in total. That is alot of warm necks people!

And my after scarf situation. 11 scarves. Okay, so again, it’s not exactly minimal – but I have a feeling I will never be one of these people. But as long as I am not one of these people, all will be well.

1 thought on “Downsize me/The Wardrobe diet. Step Two: Scarves”

  1. I bet your little one would enjoy those silky scarves (if they are still around?) – then you’d keep seeing them and he can learn at the same time!

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