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Downsize me/The Wardrobe diet. Step One: Dresses

Okay. So before we begin I suggest you pop back a couple of posts, and read about this guy. He owns a couple of handful of things and seems genuinely pleased to do so.

It challenged me. A lot. I subscribe to many of the measures of sustainable living and I do feel virtuous in the way I gather my threads, shwopping, opshopping and buying NZ made or ethically made things new.  But the fact remains my wardrobe is absolutely FULL of clothes and I dont need them all.  The volume of my treasures, after reading about Wardrobe Minimalism, is pretty darn shameful.

So I vowed to share my journey toward having a bit more wardrobe zen with you.  


I decided to break the situation into pieces. And to start with dresses because they are pretty. And far more exciting to cull than socks. Although, that said, I wont need to downsize my sock collection at all. It seems I hoard in direct correlation with attractiveness.

Okay, so here is my BEFORE situation. 34 dresses. Yes, 34.

It was hard to get them all in the same shot, and this is the best I could do. I knew I had a penchant for black, but that penchant presented itself as 16 black dresses. I know I can’t need this many. I also had some dresses in there that I liked the idea of, but never wore in reality.

Clearly I think checkered dresses are a great idea but perhaps only in my dreams as I never take these guys out. So out they go. Similarly with that bright red Hailwood dress in there. I wore it to a wedding once, and never will again. Red is just not for me. So out it goes.  And then there are the two fifties style polka dot dresses, both of which never see the light of day anymore.  So out they go. The cobalt blue knit dress? Amazingly cool, but not on me. Out it goes. And then I took to the black dresses in the same scythe-like manner.

And, before you know it, I had chopped my dress collection, down to a trim 15 dresses.

AND, the unexpected boon of this, is I can see my personal style so much clearer now. I would have said I am eclectic at my best, downright confused at my worst, but looking at my streamlined collection, I clearly gravitate towards black and vintage. This is very helpful for this girl to know.

Doubters out there may point out that 15 dresses is hardly minimal. I know. I am kind of that person who had Exclusive Brethren length hair, chopped it to shoulder length hair and yet feels like Sinead. Fifteen dresses is feeling kind of bald to me you know?

So, as a mental break for myself, I am taking to scarves next. Equally pretty, but far less meaningful. See you there.

2 thoughts on “Downsize me/The Wardrobe diet. Step One: Dresses”

  1. Oh man, I must have it bad, all I could think when reading this was ‘stop, stop, at least wait until I visit so I can take some of those polka and check numbers home!’ This, coming from a woman with 22 dresses in her wardrobe- I just checked.

  2. Stop it. I’ll be fighting you for those polka dots Sarah PT. Also what did u do with the yellow & purple number peeking out on the far left? Next Shwop?

    Great post. Haven’t counted my dresses…

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