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Downsize me

There seems to be great deal on the web at the moment about doing more with less, and its really inspiring me. After reading about Andrew Hyde, who owned only 15 things for a while ( he is currently up to a hoardworthy 39 things) I kind of think I have too much stuff. Well, actually that’s a lie. I KNOW I have too much stuff. Particularly too many clothes.

The opposite of me is him

I know the world and I would be happier if I could just wear the same pair of slacks endlessly, but I can’t. That’s how The Big Shwop was born  – out of a desire to get something fresh in my wardrobe paired with a reticence to use the earth’s resources by buying it new. And don’t get me wrong The Big Shwop works a treat for it – it rocks my world. Its a great, great thing.

BUT….the fact remains, that at a basic level, my wardrobe is a heaving beast. I cull it often enough, but new vintage finds sneak in and sentimental treasures hang out in ever-so-quietly. A new regime of ruthlessness is needed with the whole affair I think. Not that I want to get to the level that Andrew Hyde is at – not by any stretch of the imagination. For one thing, he likes outdoor wear. But I think I am going to start by trotting off to my room and doing a full counted stocktake of the situation.   This will take some time. Once I have reported back, I am then going to set a goal and cut my trappings on down.

And to inspire me further in this whole folly is this quote from Andrew, the Man of Very Few Things,

“Once you get used to simplicity, the complex normality that others have
becomes the audacious thing.”

2 thoughts on “Downsize me”

  1. I notice there is no cooking gear of any type in Andrew Hyde’s photo of his 39 possessions. Does this mean he also owns a slave?

    1. I noticed that too! In one of his interviews he says that he eats in his hotel room or if he is camping uses his camping stove. Clearly has a bit of dosh behind him….

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