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Join the revolution

JoinLess is another movement spreading the sustainability message. It focuses on spreading the joy that surrounds a truly sustainable life as opposed to the sugary crash and burn of endless retail therapy.

The < symbol has been taken on as the open-source brand to represent the movement.You can use it where ever and however you like.  All things going well, its going to be the peace sign of our times – today the war is on consumerism so the < symbol speaks of less, of sustainability and of resistance to the advertising and marketing hoards.

Read this great interview on ecoteurre, to get a handle on the philosophy behind the < movement. Its full of quotable quotes to inspire.

 “The (<) brand represents a true tribe: people connected around a central organizing belief. It’s like a peace sign, but for a new generation grappling with sustainability. We don’t want your money. We want your help in fermenting a movement. We envision a brand in which every item—like every one of us—is unique. Corporations have nailed that art of mass production. The (<) brand is unleashing the art of “grass-production.”

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