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Bjarke Ingels: Hedonistic sustainability

Check out this new TED talk by Bjarke Ingels, a super talented architect from Denmark. He bedazzled me with his sense of whimsy and sass in his very,very smart ecological designs. Take the time to watch and I am sure you will be equally impressed

I do have a couple of niggling wee thoughts though. Can we seriously talk about hedonism and sustainability in the same sentence – its our hedonistic natures that got us into this consumer-mad mess in the first place right? Its surely vital that sustainable solutions are attractive to us, but dont we need to question our hedonistic ways just a little bit first? And – in the sustainable future future, how much trash will there be to burn anyway? Wont trash run out as rates of production and throwaway culture slow?

He’s a genius clever clogs anyway and I encourage you to watch his vision for the future of architecture.

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