Getting away, and back, to it all

And we are back! Hope you all had spectacular summer breaks  filled with love, light and peace. We abandoned our garden  here in Wellington and trotted off up to Northland, and then down to Nelson. It was great – we glamped in Kerikeri at Pagoda Lodge for a friends wedding and then took to ramming earth into some tyres to help build an earthship at another friends place in Nelson. Well, to be honest, I did no such ramming, my husband Marcus did, but tomayto, tomatoe.

Any time we were in a small town on a weekday, I delighted at scouring through old-school opportunity shops. They really are the best. Not much can beat a pair of trousers for $1, not much at all. Except perhaps a zebra patterned ra-ra skirt. I know – brilliant. I will share with you all some of my best finds in the next few days.

Now we are home again, and its time to get back to it again. The lawns are long, the vegetables are doing their gosh-darn best to make it out of the weeds, but might just need some help and there’s a small man’s birthday party to plan. And I have a stack, I mean a STACK of amazing eco-things bookmarked to share with you all. So lets get back on with it, shall we?

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