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Winter wonderland

Its been the week of tree decorating,  making wrapping paper, making cards, writing cards and gift wrapping. And with such activity comes the obligatory carol listening. I am a sucker for the classics, and for just about anything to do with snow. Which makes no sense I know, but anything written about a Kiwi Christmas has too many nasty references to pohutukawas and sausages for me. Here are my current favourites:

Perhaps not so much to do with Christmas at all but how I do love a good duo.

My love for a duo, is also evidenced in this nugget too. Oh David Bowie, how I love thee. Any man that can pull off the Goblin King one minute and a duo with Bing Crosby the next is a man indeed. You do need to suffer through an exorbitantly long intro though.

Snow in December in Wellington would be quite the apocalyptic event, rather than the festive one, but I sing along merrily all the same.

And of course, Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys. I didnt know half these words and now I do. Oh thanks Youtube! Makes singing along just that much more rewardable.

Ho ho ho to you all! What are your favourite Christmas hits?


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