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Every cause needs a face and Al Gore was only going to do for so long. It seems that the endangered  polar bear has become the frontman for climate change. And rightly so – with a dwindling arctic habitat on one side and human encroachment on the other, it really does seem stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. One can only hope that the adoption of it as Climate Change mascot will be as good for it’s future as  WWF has been good for the giant panda.

Plenty of the connections make sense. Like the Ice Bear Project, where art brings attention to Climate Change and the environment.

And the Environmental Defense Fund,

Then there is this rather ‘hard-hitting’ ad from PlaneStupid challenging our flying habits.

But the band wagon is  a popular one and poor ol’ Polar Pop seems to be also popping up everywhere else too – and I’m not so sure why.



And  this wonderful example of green washing from Coca Cola, partnering with the World Wildlife Fund. What global corporation Coca Cola have to do with sustainability, I am really not sure.  They do seem to be trying though.

What are your thoughts? Am I off on a tangent or is the polar bear the ‘green’ animal for the greenwasher?

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