eco-goodies, The Big Shwop, Wellington

Peoples Coffee at The Big Shwop

Peoples Coffee, the fantastic fairtrade roastery in Newtown are right behind The Big Shwop too. And to show it, they are gifting a 200 gram bag of plunger coffee to each of the first 100 people through the door at The Big Shwop this Sunday.

Dont worry if you miss out, because each and every other shwopper, will get a Peoples Coffee free coffee card so they can enjoy a fabulous fairtrade coffee at one of their great cafes, on the house.

Peoples Coffee are ridiculously awesome. I am near enough a groupie. If you haven’t been to their Garrett St or Newtown cafes, here is your chance. You can taste the fairtrade happiness in every sip I swear you can.

So yes, its true – The Big Shwop this Sunday gets even more awesome. Its hard to believe I know. There are goodies coming out the ears of this event, and I’m not even talking about the racks of incredibly awesome clothing up for grabs! Stay tuned, for even more eco-goodies to be announced. Yeeeeow! And if you still haven’t got a ticket -then get over here now and get yourself one!

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