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Face-off: Topshop vs Opshop

Vintage style dresses are here for the summer. The styles are varied and popping up in every chainstore everywhere. The thing is though, there is really no need to pop off to aforesaid chainstore and go buy that vintage style dress. Why buy faux vintage style when you can get the real deal in just about every opshop in the land? No need to waste the earth’s resources and some sweatshop fingers – just get yourself off to the local Vinnies for something bang-on trend. Let me show you my results.

There’s a Max Shirt Dress on the left and my score at Opportunity for Animals in Newtown on the right. And I far prefer it too. Bright red with camel details, its pretty ace. Try comparing the special $99 pricetag to my $7 price boon too. Its a winner all round.

That’s a Topshop Dress on the left and my score from Savemart on the right. Admittedly the one I bought doesn’t have too much in common with the Topshop number, but I think thats probably a good thing right? Dang thats some nastee faux-vintage!

That’s a Country Road wrap dress on the left and my wrap dress from an Eltham opshop on the right. And this one, is the real deal – beautiful thick polished cotton, amazing nick, fantastic colours – straight from the sixties. And it certainly didn’t cost me $229 like the Country Road number would have. It took a holiday to Taranaki to stumble across it, but this is my dress of the summer for sure.

That’s another Max dress on the left there and an op-shop find on the right. I am in loooove with the grape colour, and the ruffles are real cute. This dress was a find and a half for sure.

So there you have it a direct faceoff between first and second hand.  Its a no-brainer people. A no-brainer. Why buy a faux-vintage knockoff at all?

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