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Giveaway: Green Juice for a week to you!

Green Juice Inc. is a fabulous new Wellington company making super fresh green juice to cleanse, revitalise and invigorate. And when I say fresh – I mean FRESH. This stuff is made to order, daily and delivered to a place near you for maximum detox punch.

The juice is made from roughly 40% leafy green vegetables and 60% fresh seasonal fruit. Consider it an oil change for your body’s engine  – it will make you feel all tickety boo and vroomy in no time. Yes,  vroomy is a word, people!

The Big Shwop Blog has  a weeks supply of Green Juice Inc. to giveaway to one lucky reader! You can choose the week you would like to start, and whether you would like to pick it up from their CBD, Mt Victoria or Island Bay depots.

To enter, just leave a comment below saying you would like to enter and also like their facebook page. Entries close Friday 9 December.

15 thoughts on “Giveaway: Green Juice for a week to you!”

  1. Fresh veg and friut juice, scrummy and delicious. Love it, and would love to win some of your yummy offerings.

  2. I have always wanted to try a juice detox, and see if the health benefits live up to what you hear.. so this juice sounds like it would be the perfect way to kick off a pre-xmas detox for me! Have always wanted to do a juice detox, but not owning a juicer makes it hard..

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