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Shwoproject: DIY Christmas

Yup, its certainly that time of year again. The carols are starting to play, the guy in the suit is everywhere and perplexingly snow covered scenes continue to hold currency. And with all of that Christmas frou-frou comes the push to buy, buy, buy.  If its local and ethical than there isn’t too much to go wrong but unfortunately so much of the Christmas tat comes from less salubrious circumstance . One way to avoid the dilemma is to do it yourself. With some time and a bit of motivation, producing your own DIY versions is infinitely more rewarding and a stack more pleasing to your conscience too.  Last year, we featured DIY Christmas trees. This year DIY Christmas cards.

For ours, we bought an Indian wooden printing block from Trade Aid. You can still buy small ones online here.

Then some New Zealand made printing ink, and a borrowed roller

And then the printing fun began

Now to cut them up, write festive messages on the back and get them in the mail. I love how they have turned out, I hope those that get them will too!

Pinterest is the best place for idle inspiration for this sort of anything. Seriously, its awesome. Here’s just a taste:

via here, here, here, here, here and here.

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