Giveaways, The Big Shwop, Wellington

Giveaway announced: Double pass to The Big Shwop 2011!

Thanks so much to all those who entered the competition to win a double pass to The Big Shwop on Sunday 11 December. Man, there are going to be some great threads and footwear up for grabs!

To make sure it was fair, I used a handy computer application to generate a random number. You can call me a geek, I don’t mind. 🙂

So Comment #5 was the lucky winner – congratulations Tracy – you have won two tickets to The Big Shwop on Sunday 11 December. Tracy wrote that she is bringing some unworn wedges to shwop that are a size too small. They sound fabulous. We look forward to seeing you, and your shoes, next weekend!

If you haven’t got your ticket yet for NZ’s largest eco-fashion event, pop over to our website now and buy some!

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