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Whats the carbon footprint of a load of laundry?

I just stumbled across this article  on the Guardian about the carbon cost of our laundry practices. Laundry, laundry, bore, bore – I know. But its important people!

Essentially there is one message – those dryers are menaces! After reading it, I thought I should probably bookmark it and blog about it in the winter, when people’s tumble dryers are used in full force. Then I thought, actually, its probably best to bring this to the fore now – when sometimes the dryer might seem easier but the weather is warm and windy outside. Get it on the line people! The planet thanks you for it, each and every time.

We ditched our dryer about five years ago. We just went through winter with  a baby in reusuable nappies which I thought would be tricky, but not so. Admittedly, I had to become good, good pals with the laundry horse, but it was all good. I gave him a name, and we were away.

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