The Big Shwop, Wellington

What about the boys?

The Big Shwop 2011 is for women only and we have had  a few emails asking where the He -Shwop has disappeared to. You are right – we did open it to men for the first time last year but this year we have decided not to. It was exciting to grow the shwop concept a bit wider, definitely. But on the day with just a smattering of guys in amongst hundreds of other shwoppers, it didn’t exactly fly.

So we’ve decided to take our time on the He Shwop and do it right. We have been busy surveying men to see how they shop and use clothes, and will be marketing it a bit differently should we go ahead with another He-Shwop.  So, for now the He-Shwop is on the back burner. Along with another one of our ideas that is developing, The Small Shwop  – clothes swapping for the little ones in your life. We’ll keep you posted on both, I promise!

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