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Say no to rainforest in your toilet!

 via Greenpeace

“Rainforest destruction in Indonesia is wiping out the habitat of the rare and endangered Sumatran Tiger. This destruction of habitat is being led by Asia Pulp & paper (APP) owners of the NZ based Cottonsoft. Cottonsoft products contain rainforest fibre and are for sale in NZ supermarkets” It takes all of two minutes to sign this letter and pressure supermarkets to stop stocking Cottonsoft.

And in the meantime, make sure that you are buying loo and tissue paper that is listed in the green zone on this handy graphic.

There is a nasty video on the Greenpeace page of a tiger dying if you need more impetus. I found it pretty disturbing and  decided to leave it there for you to find should you want to watch it.

1 thought on “Say no to rainforest in your toilet!”

  1. We recently bought a bidet toilet seat that sits on top of our old toilet. That should cut down our toilet paper consumption a fair bit!

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