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Win a double pass to The Big Shwop 2011!

We are giving away two tickets to The Big Shwop 2011!

Simply leave a comment below telling us about one item you are planning to shwop and why. Did you buy it for a special occasion and have only worn it once? Is it the wrong size and you’ve been awaiting the day it’ll fit? Was it an impulse buy that was never quite right? Have you enjoyed it and are now happy to see it on someone else? It might be something fabulously vintage or perhaps designer, and of course it will be in tiptop condition. Tell us all about it.

Comments close on Wednesday 30 November. We will choose a random comment as the winner. So get commenting people and be in to win!

27 thoughts on “Win a double pass to The Big Shwop 2011!”

  1. I’ve got this gorgeous Miriam gibson khaki green skirt that used to fit me perfectly and i felt great in it. Alas i’ve been unable to get into it for a year, time to pass it on…

  2. A green t shirt with a ruffle down the front. I have LOVED it and worn it heaps. Last year a woman at Schwop complimented me on it. Since I find myself grabbing for it less and less I’ll bring it in this year and maybe that woman will find it.

  3. I have some lovely Footloose shoes that are tan and black very sophisticated and sexy – alas a half size too small!

  4. I have an amazing pair of wedges that I love to bits but I have never worn because they are too small. My very stylish 72 year old mother sent them to me for my birthday but her feet are a smidgen smaller than mine. I KNOW someone else in the sisterhood will have the best time in these shoes so I’ll be passing them on…

  5. I am planning on bringing in a my some dresses, tops and shoes, I have finished university and have been working for a year. It is time to upgrade my warerobe for the next phase of my life.

  6. I’ve got a beautiful Voon wrap skirt – full length, black, with silver lace overlay. I wore it twice, for special occasions, and then now it just lives in my wardrobe untouched.

  7. A $900 Trelise Cooper skirt that I wore just once at a wedding. It’s beautiful but just not my style and now reminds me of a bridesmaid dress. Every time I see it hanging in the back of my wardrobe it just makes me feel guilty – about the $$ I spent on it and never wearing it. It deserves a home with somebody who will really love it.

  8. A three-quarter lenth Andrea Moore coat – an impulse buy that is really not me but someone will love it!

  9. Recently I have lost a lot of weight, so it is more than one outfit I would like others to enjoy while I in turn find some things that fit!

  10. I will be bringing a charcoal grey 100% wool CUE skirt which I have only worn a couple of times. It is a classic workwear piece, but not the right size for me…

  11. Hi, I’m shwopping a fantastic ‘Strangely Normal’ groovy men’s shirt that I got for an ex and he didn’t like! No wonder he’s an EX! Really glad to see men included in the last one and I hope some very nice stylish guy gets to appreciate my good taste and show it off to its best! lol

    1. Hi there Elizabeth. That shirt sounds great – but perhaps keep it for the next He-Shwop… sorry, but the December event is women only. I just posted a blog about it for more information. And don’t worry, you are still in the draw for a double pass to The Big Shwop!

  12. A brand new banana republic dress I bought with the best of intentions of turning into a long tunic style top. Not quite right enough on me to invest the sewing effort, so it’s being passed along to the next person who I’m sure will adore it!

  13. I have some beautiful pony skin heels, which look fantastic with a corporate wardrobe. Alas now I am a stay at home Mum, and they aren’t that brilliant for the school run. I want some other fabulous woman to own them, so she can kick ass and take names like I used to at work…..Why don’t my children appreciate that!

  14. I’ve got a beautiful vintage NZ designer piece – one of the silkscreened velvet tops by DNA, shimmering tanzanite blue with dreamy imagery in soft black. Someone with blue eyes will look great in it!

  15. Im a shoe fan, So will dig through the shoes. Love buying heels but never actually wear them, also will bring in a stack of melissa shoes to swap. Hopefully these will find a new home where they will be worn.

  16. Fab Camper red gingham sandals with cutsie yellow flowers but subtle! but alas too tight on this Cinderella, perhaps there is another Cinderella at the ball?

  17. Almost exactly a year ago – on 11th December. . .. .. I met for the first time the man I am now very much in love with.
    His first words to me were .. . .
    “Do you ALWAYS dress like that? You look stunning!”
    I was wearing a dress I had got from the Big Shwop. .. .. just a few days before. It’s too small for me now – due to a uncontrollable case of happiness and contentment. 🙂
    I want to take him with me this year. . . .. .. .. . to show him how much fun it is.
    I should probably “shwop” it back – but I’ll keep him if that’s ok :-).
    (totally true story :-))

    1. (awww just read – ladies only – I could always take my best friend if I persuaded her to come down from Hastings. . .. – she LOVES stuff like this! )

  18. My cute little Sass & Bide dress is unfortunately too small for me and just not getting the wear. I love it with its white wave like lines covering the black silk, but its time for someone else to get some love out of it. Schwop it!

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