Hair, thumbs up

Hair fabulous daaahling.

Restyling your hair is an easy way to freshen up your look without buying anything new.  And it makes a real difference too – I’ve gone from being in such a rut of tying my hair up in a ponytail each day to mixing it up with high buns, vintage curls, side braids and fishtail braids. And its a great new world for me so thought I would share my four favourites here.

1. The high bun

Super easy, super quick.

2. The fishtail braid

Much, much easier with slightly damp hair – I made one hot mess when I tried this on my dry hair! But once its in, it lasts and lasts and looks real lovely.

3. The beehive

Feeling like some homage to Amy Winehouse is perhaps due? Me too.  I used the instructions from here, minus the loofah, and it worked a treat. Putting a loofah in my hair kinda freaked me out a little, but each to their own. This video looks good though – I’m going to try it this way next with a scarf around the front.

4. Vintage curls (without any heat)

So, for those that are still reading, as a reward, I  will let you in on my best hair secret. Not that it is mine, or a secret, because it is admittedly on the internet but I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that this video changed my hair’s life.

I could never be bothered with curling wands, or rollers so never curled…but this is a lovely looking up-do one day, and the next day its lovely curls. Magico! Two birds, one stone. AND it takes all of five minutes. Easy, easy peasy. Again, damp hair is way, way easier.

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