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Shwoproject: Repurposed Printers Tray

Organising my collection of  jewellery has always been a struggle. I’ve run the gamut of  jewellery trees, wires on walls, mesh in empty picture frames and various  jewellery boxes and always somehow come up short. But after seeing this image via Pinterest, I thought it was worth having a crack at once again. And good news is,  I think this time I may have actually cracked it.

I found an old printers tray in a second hand store for $15. I really liked this one as it had brass plates on each of the joins.

I started by laying out my earrings and necklaces and arranged them in its nooks and crannies to figure out where to place what size eyelet.

I took a quick trip to Bunnings and bought some gold eyelets to match the plates on the tray. Then I got stuck into arranging the eyelets. I thought I would be able to just screw the eyelets in by hand, but I ended up needing a drill with a tiny sized drill-bit as the wood in the tray was rock hard. Once all the eyelets were screwed in, I gave it a dust with a wet cloth to get rid of the sawdust and then gave it a coat of beeswax. The beeswax seals the wood, so its easy to clean and so it will look good for longer. Linseed oil works equally well and it saves having to deal with stinky varnishes. 

And here you have it.

My big chunky necklaces and bracelets are still in a box, but hey ho, you can’t win them all.  And I forgot to get picture-hanging parephenalia at Bunnings so its not yet on the wall. But when it is, it’ll be awesome.

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