These shoes were re-made for walking

Why throw something away when you can fix it and get many more years use from something you love? Its better for the environment, a way of actively consuming less and a way to keep your most loved items rocking just that little bit longer. There are many locals shops who repair shoes, clothes and jewellery about the city. It makes so much more sense to spend your dollar repairing something that is quality rather than going out and buying something much cheaper brand new that’ll last half the distance.

I bought these vintage leather slip ons from Trade Me. The leather was super soft and I was stoked as to pop them on my feet. But because they were so old, the rubber soles perished the first time I wore them. Gutting! A quick trip to the local cobbler with them though and they are better than before!

I now have an awesome pair of cute, unique, well made shoes for summer that will last me years to come.

Do you throw away your clothes and footwear simply because they need a little love? Getting them fixed is one way we can reuse things, and its super, super, super easy. Check out here for basic instructions for simple repair jobs and here for 16 ways you can make your clothes last longer.

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