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Cleanse your face, not just your wardrobe!

This year, the lovely people at Trilogy have seriously embraced the Shwop concept. Every shwopper is invited to take part in the Trilogy Cleanser Swap which will take place at The Big Shwop during the Interlude. Simply bring along your partly used non-Trilogy cleanser and swap it for a brand new Trilogy one! Score! Emily and Lisa will be on hand to help you choose the ideal one for your skin – either the Very Gentle Cleansing Cream or the Balancing Gel Cleanser.

In addition to this, Trilogy is also gifting every shwopper an awesome Everything Balm. And we aren’t talking a sample size freebie but gorgeous, beautiful full-sized choiceness. If you don’t already own Everything Balm and utterly love it, believe me you will! It’s a total boon for your skincare stash because, well, it does everything.

It’s just one way we are thanking you for participating in a more responsible way to shop – and there are more to come yet! You have to have a ticket to partake in all these eco-goodies so get to our website and get yourself and your girls some tickets to The Big Shwop now!

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