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The Uncollection from Unconsumption

Unconsumption is a blog that seeks to be ‘ Your daily source of inspiration for creative reuse and mindful consumption.’ Great! And one part of this is through Uncollection, a concept that turns the branding of consumerism completely upside down.

Whats the idea? Take that thing you are reusing, recycling, upcycling, making or crafting and ‘brand’ it with the Unconsume brand, Mr Cart. Why brand it at all I hear you ask? Well the Unconsume movement is all about recognising the way we need to approach using things now that our planet is getting all human-heavy and ruined. The vision is to make a collection of products-that-aren’t-really products at all and celebrate using our ‘stuff ‘ properly and for its full life.  I reckon Mr Cart is much less a brand, and much more a badge of honour.

As they say on their website, Unconsumption is about “enjoying the stuff we own to the fullest – not just at the moment of acquisition. ”

The logo Mr Cart has been released for all and sundry under a Creative Commons license to be used at will by DIY, upcyclers and crafters everywhere. I hope to be seeing him pop up all over the place real soon.

Check out their facebook page and their tumblr blog for a bunch of inspiring Unconsume ideas. And isn’t it nice to know The Big Shwop is right, right up the alley of Unconsumerism too.

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