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Making sense of the seasons

A change of season, can make anyone doolally. And every time the weather warms, as its starting to now, I get momentarily intoxicated by the fresh store windows everywhere. And its right up my alley too with block colour, jumpsuits, stripes in 70s feels and then florals and heels and Mad Men glamour.   Oh, its beautiful! The new colours, the new waistlines, the new cut of trouser legs – oh my.

But instead of being suckered into each and every trend, I am finding the high street makes a great inspiration board for something much more long lasting. As Coco Chanel famously said “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

Easy to say and harder to do. Thankfully, the internet comes to save the day yet again with wonderful style inspirations everywhere. You can get started on some of  the mega-sites, such as lookbook but it can be overwhelming and, for me, a little too full-on. I can’t fathom that many people posing for photos and then posting their outfits online. It boggles my small bear brain.

Instead, I have been delving into an endless array of personal style blogs and have sorted out a posse of chicas that really inspire me. You’ll all be in your own style niche, and may want something completely different to what I am into , but I thought I would share anyway.

A Beautiful Mess  A lovely wee blog, filled with all sorts of treats, and her outfits ring true. I gotta keep this girl’s style in my head at the Sallies. She does recycled oh-so-well.

Ascot Friday A stupidly beautiful woman, who admittedly would look lovely in a sack. She makes vintage so, so good.

Tick Tock Vintage

This girl is smarter dressed than I will ever be, but admirably does a great stack of that snappiness in vintage and recycled.

Keiko Lynn Ditto to this one. She’s one snappy sister!

And then there are a few blogs I have been stalking over my cereal bowl of some styley mummas. They help me realise that one day soon, my mornings in a dressing gown will thankfully be over.

Dear Baby Its filled to the brim with baby and family and such, but also of lovely outfits from a working mum.


The whole family is vintage trendy. If you think about it too long, it might be strange to share your whole family’s outfits online. But hey ho, it makes for great viewing.

I love checking out real-life people wearing clothes in ways that make sense for them. Perhaps a personal style is built from finding clothes that make sense for you and your life ongoing, rather than trends that make sense for you and your wallet each and every season. Its food for the wardrobe for sure.

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