Snoop-shopping (woah oh woah)

Anyone that can make that title fit a certain Snoop Doggy Dog track from the nineties, is my kind of person. Entitled so because we had a great wee snoop about Savemart in Waitangirua last Saturday. I write about this as news because those places are immense! Gah! Although it does please me that they sort everything by colour. Jerseys – grey marl. Check. Quick draw maroon? Yep, I’ve got it. Oh what colour order! The photo below is off their website and totally illustrates all of this. It was entitled ‘panorama’ and what a panorama it is! Just delicious.

That all said, it takes a certain constitution to dive into a rack of dresses, knowing most of them are poop, on the off chance of a retro or designer nugget. But my gosh, if you have the patience the rewards are staggering.

First reward? Only a great yellow ombre maxi skirt for the summer months.

Its not really like any of these and potentially less ombre and more tie-dye hippy but I am sure I can work it out.

Second reward? Only a pair of Studz, clearly the coolest denim shorts in all the country. I thought they were straight from the seventies, but a quick internet search shows they are straight from Tasman Workwear. Not even worn, they stand up independently on the ground all by themselves. Rugged as bro.  You think I am kidding? I am not.

Third reward? A lovely pair of flat black shoes that I suspect are jazz shoes as I get all Astaire when I pop them on. And finally – a fringed cowboy vest for Junior. It’ll be mega.

It actually sounds like a bit of an odd haul and perhaps it is.  Savemart certainly isnt The Big Shwop that’s for sure (see what I did there eh?). Regardless, I think I just enjoy the act of thrifting. The thrill of ‘the find.’ I don’t hoard it all though, and I think that’s the secret to happiness in such situations, its more of a perpetual catch and release programme.

NB: I know, I should really be accompanying such an entry with photos. But you see, our baby is really cute right now, and the camera is flat from overusing it trying to capture the aforesaid cuteness. So you will just have to use imaginations along with stock photos from google. Thanks google.

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