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Going cold turkey in the name of fashion

You may recall The Big Shwop girls doing the ‘six items or less challenge’ for a month last year. We were quietly pretty chuffed with our non-consumption efforts in the fight against fast fashion, but little did we know that around the world a group of self proclaimed ‘fashion addicts’ were planning to take up the challenge of not buying clothes for a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR!

Free Fashion Challenge is a mix of fashion students and fashion professionals who absolutely love clothes but are united in the view that the fashion industry is becoming increasingly about consumption – and that to make fashion truly sustainable people need to change the way they think  – and act.

So they decided to walk the talk, and explore fashion beyond consumption by taking up the challenge of not buying clothes for a year.  (That’s right a whole year!) Every fortnight they undertake a different assignment and share their experiences on the Free Fashion Challenge website.

“We love fashion but we think it is not necessarily about buying stuff. Fashion should be about creativity, adornment, joy, quality and good design. What happens to people who are fashion conscious if they cannot buy trends anymore? If they don’t ‘follow’ the strict rules of fashion, trends and mass consumption? What are their demands of clothing when they need their garments for a longer period of time?” How Fascinating!

This is Frank. He’s a furniture designer and didn’t think he was much of a fashion fanatic until he counted the clothes in his wardrobe…

Their assignments include things like examining their worst mis-buys, getting creative to find outfits from their wardrobes to match upcomming trends, and using crafty DIY methods to reinvent old accessories.

The ideas behind the assignments are really interesting and the things they come up with are great to get you thinking about ways to re-jig your own wardrobe and combat that urge to rush out for a new pair of jeans when the 10 pairs you already have start to look a bit boring.

It’s just like Project Runway! But only viral-with regular people mainly from Europe-using only clothes they have-and a focus on sustainability-and no Tim Gunn.

Sad to not have Tim – but still Brilliant!

Make it work people…

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