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Just keep knitting!

I ain’t a knitter. How someone can use two sticks and some yarn to cobble together a garment simply astounds me and I stand back in awe. The other thing that astounds me about knitting? How jolly addictive it appears to be. Numerous friends have a new appendage on weekends away and thats their knitting bag. But even the keenest of woolsmiths may have found their enthusiasm wane over the warmer months – I mean what is the point of knitting in February? Well, I can assure you there is good reason to just keep knitting!

Knit a square is a charity project that gathers 20cm knitted squares from knitting fanatics around the world and pops them together into much needed blankets for 1.9 million AIDS orphans in South Africa who desperately need warmth. Now thats what I call ethical fashion!

Its a beautiful thing – and this year, because of the momentum they now have, they are aiming to distribute 5000 hand-knitted blankets made up of 175,000 knitted squares.

Its easy to be involved – knitting instructions here, postal instructions here and their facebook page here.  Go to it knitters! Away!

Thanks to Syleena for putting me onto this to share with knitting shwoppers everywhere! Here is an impression of me trying to do the same:

by Amy Crosthwaite

I think I will stick to sewing.

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