Eco-baby nuggets: Part Two

Further to yesterday’s lovely bird mobile, here are some other lovely finds on the web for an eco-mobile that looks beautiful…It does seem I am somewhat interested in hangy papery thingys. Best make sure baby’s room doesn’t end up looking like a pinata festival gone awry!

1. Rainbow paper garland
via Mini-Eco

Super pretty and super easy, and obviously you could do this in colours that you like. I think this would look gorgeous as a carnival style rope sashaying across the ceiling back and forth to celebrate baby’s arrival. Beauty.

2. Fruity mobile
via Mini-Eco

This is from Mini-Eco again. You can either download this fruity template and totally re-create this at your place, or use it as an inspiration for a myriad of ideas. Silhouette coloured card shapes and cotton thread – totally effective. I got inspired at Christmas time to create some decorations for the window in a similar manner.

Its not the best photo of them, and I am not sure why I thought rabbits were an animal associated with Christmas – but I blame it on having baby brain. At least I can re-use them for Easter?!:)

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