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Eco-baby nuggets

I have been a busy bee cleaning, sewing and cooking for this lil’ imp’s imminent arrival. I will take some photos and show you how its all developing. In between these flurries of activity, I am known for flopping on the couch and trawling baby blogs. It is getting obsessive and I am glad I am at the end of this pregnancy or things could get scary! Anyhoo, in my webtrawls, I have found some gem ideas for DIY baby coolness that I thought I might share a few with you. Check these out!

1. Baby mobile
via Spool sewing

Way stylier than any MIC Baby Factory thingy, this bird mobile from Spool is too cute. Add to that a free pattern to download and get started on, and this is one crafty activity I am signed up for.

I will let you know how it goes. I am a bit of a beginner sewer so my birds may look slightly less composed than these lovelies!

2. Foam floor mat
via Ohdeedoh via design*sponge

Hmmm, well some DIY ideas are just too darn clever. This is one of them. You know those daft garish foam mat thingys that kids can sit on? Well….check out this before and after for awesomeness…

From this

To this

Ridiculous! All the details and some more pictures can be found direct on the sarah.wandering blog. Talented!

3. Wishbone bikes

This final nugget, aint DIY in the slightest, but it is ethical and it is gosh-darn-cool.

This is a bike that lasts till your tike is five years old, transforming as the kid gets older – these Wishbone bikes are clever bikes. Add to this that the company is based in Wellington with a big focus on sustainability – and well, I was just about sold.  THEN, I noticed their limited edition Koru bike.

Holy Macaton Batman, I am in love. LOVE. It seems there is a wanton consumer in me after all. Admittedly, while our baby will be extraordinarily clever, it will not need a bike straight out of the womb. But by heck I have a strong desire for one of these puppies. Gorgio! All details of their bikes are at their super-cool-to-boot website. And just to kick it to touch for you, heres the artist Shane Hansen telling us all about how he designed this super cool set of wheels

Wicky wild.

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