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With a burgeoning belly I have indeed been watching my fair share of flicks….For what it is worth, here are a few that I absolutely recommend….

The Horse Boy follows a Mum and Dad, who determined to make a difference for their son’s autism, go to Mongolia. It’s a heart-string puller throughout, totally beautiful and the conclusion of the documentary is really quite astounding.

For something altogether more bleak, you must watch Collapse.

Its nothing that peak oil, end of suburbia, Ronald Wright and co haven’t already told us. But the way it is presented in this movie is gosh-darn compelling as the personality of Michel Ruppert is as big as the issues he talks of. A must see.

After watching that you might want something a little lighter. This offbeat comedy has scant all to do with the environment, save that Mark Ruffalo’s character grows a vege garden, but I enjoyed it so here it is. If you liked Sideways or Little Miss Sunshine, than chances are you’ll like The Kids are Alright. A quirky, offbeat comedy with enough grit in it to not get saccharine.

And I know that it got stacks of profile when it hit the screens, and it took me a wee while to get it out on DVD, but if you haven’t yet watched I am Love than pop it at the top of your next list. Its an absolutely beautiful, theatrical cinematic masterpiece that sticks with you long after its gone.

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