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2011: Life with bump


Hope this finds you well and enjoying the sun. I am fabulous. Although close to bursting and lacking sleep. With just a few weeks to go, I have finished my day job and am now officially a mum-to-be! Whoop whoop.

Note to obsessive cleaning self: wash the pantry curtain

Its such an exciting time. As we get prepared for baby, we are sticking to the Shwop philosophy – all things that we buy new have to be made in New Zealand or made ethically, otherwise its second hand all the way.

Vintage swimming costume from Mighty Mighty Markets

This has opened a whole world of coolness and challenges, which I might share from time to time. So if you are not so into The Baby World yet (and believe me it exists!) please accept my apologies in advance. I am absolutely and utterly enveloped in this little person-to-be, LOVING it and dying to share. To maternity and beyond!

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