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Oh Christmas Tree, oh christmas tree

how lovely are your branches? Really? I mean, from an environmental point of view, how lovely are your branches? Hmmm…

There is stacks everywhere on the interweb popping up again about the battle between fake and real christmas trees, and which is better for the world. Fake trees are created out of nasty polluting plasticators but last a while, whereas real Chrissy trees are grown to look pretty for one festive season, require significant transporting and then may end up at the tip. 😦

But how about something completely different?

1. The wall mural

I wanna do this – this is tre, tre cool.

It would be great fun to create and if you could get away with blu-tack wouldn’t even mess up the wall. LOVE.

2. Driftwood tree

There are all sorts of commercially made versions of these – but if you live near a beach, and you have some superglue, you wouldn’t even break a sweat popping this puppy together. Don’t forget the need to get it through your door once you are complete, otherwise, go nuts!

3. Apartment Ladder Tree

I have always had visions of living in a New York style loft with exposed bricks and large music posters everywhere and heaps of industrial chic going on. And if I did, I would definitely call it Christmas with this setup. Unfortunately, in our actual reality of a house, the ladder would just look like a ladder plonked in the lounge and festooned in lights for no good reason. Sigh…. but if you’ve got the space, work it people.

4. Minimalist Branch Tree

We did this last year. Well, to be honest, actually IKEA did this photo, and then we stole the idea, minus all the other trappings. It worked really well, we found a loooooovely dead branch on our garden, that couldn’t quite believe its luck, got a lovely bunch of decorations from Trade Aid and set it up in a large orange vase. Honestly, it was cooler than it may sound. It was great I liked it a lot. Although you have to be comfortable with nephews asking, “Why is your tree dead?” Ahhh, bless.


2 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree, oh christmas tree”

  1. Oooh I did the dead branch one too and decorated it with all sorts of metallic things like biscuit cutters and old belt buckles threaded on lovely long thin brightly-coloured ribbons. It was bewdiful.

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