Auckland, The Big Shwop

What’s in your wardrobe?

With The Big Shwop on this Sunday its time to give your wardrobe a good shakedown and dig out up to twenty items to bring along.  Focus on your spring and summer wardrobe. Think about items that you didn’t wear when it was warm last year. Chances are, if you didn’t wear them then,  you’re not going to wear them now.

I think we all have them – fantastic clothes hanging in our wardrobe that we just don’t wear. You know the skirt or dress or pair of jeans I am talking about – perhaps an impulse buy, perhaps a size too small, perhaps they have sentimental value. You pull them out every now and again, try them on and then decide “No, not today” and back they go. Endlessly. They craftily avoid a trip out to charity because you think the perfect occasion will arrive to which they will be worn.

Well, the perfect occasion has arrived. And it’s called The Big Shwop. Purge your wardrobes ladies! Believe you me, it feels fabulous!

Great, so now that you’ve sorted what you are going to bring along this Sunday have a think about what you’d like to come home with.   It’s a really good idea to go into The Big Shwop with some idea of what you want to take home.  All the clothes are sorted into categories and sizes so you can make a beeline for whichever item you are after most if you have a clear idea, and snatch something really, really fabulous. S0 have a look again at your wardrobe, and perhaps some of this season’s hottest looks. What’s missing from your wardrobe..? It’s a great chance to refresh your wardrobe or maybe even completely reinvent your look.

Yay! Step to it people!

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