Auckland, The Big Shwop

Eco Style in Spades

The Big Shwop is on this SUNDAY!! Gah! Such excitement.

This is Inga, one of the co-directors, with her excited face on. As you can see, we kind of get a little excited. But this Big Shwop is even more exciting than ever! I know, I know. It is  entirely possible that we will pop.

We have such a stack planned that is going to make it stellar….the unstoppable Annah Stretton is opening the event, and we have crazy cool Trilogy Everything Balms for each and every shwopper, and a lovely complimentary glass of organic MOMO wine, and a free MiNDFOOD magazine and some ecostore smellies too! What a swag of goodies! Oh yeah – and that is all in addition to the main feature of the day -the biggest clothes swap in the most luxurious hotel in New Zealand. Man this event has eco-style in SPADES!

Back up the trailer girls, because you are taking some pirate booty home. Buy your ticket online now to guarantee brilliant, eco-fashionable times.

PS its funny what blogging leads you into. I just found out that the Ace of Spades is the highest card in the deck. I did not know this. I thought something red would be. Anyhoo, news to me, that I thought I had better share with you 🙂

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