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Chrissy Week 3: 6 items or less

I have now completed three and a half weeks of the 6 items or less challenge…BUT… I’m sorry to say I had a melt-down last Wednesday.

I’d just had a brand new haircut which I thought would give me a boost…but  then I walked home up Brooklyn hill, arrived home with 3 of my items now sweaty, found one dress crumpled in the corner and other dress damp on the line, friends on their way over for dinner and I couldn’t stand it one second more. I went and put on a whole new outfit and…it felt sooo good!

Having strayed from my goal it was of course all too easy to stray further, and so the next day I wore a different dress to work.

But on Friday I strengthened my resolve and I’ve been back on track since then.


Me, trying to look pleased to be in the blue skirt and black cardi again


So – yes this challenge is difficult and getting more than a little boring, but, I’ve filled up three bags with clothes I am now ready to give away.  And I’m that much closer to a simple, pared down wardrobe that will pack itself nicely into my backpack and move with me to Canada.


PS. No one at all has noticed I keep wearing the same things!   Or are they too polite to say?

1 thought on “Chrissy Week 3: 6 items or less”

  1. I am following your 6 items or less challenge with interest, as I am planning to pack up and go traveling in the next 12 months too, and would love to cut my wardrobe down to the bare minimum! Keep up the commentary, keen to hear what your final thoughts are at the end!

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