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Vintage festival delight!

I appreciate New Zealand’s beautiful wide open spaces and our isolated Cass-type vignettes, but sometimes, just sometimes, I hanker for a little northern hemisphere cultural life. And when I stumbled across Vintage at Goodwood festival, I got pangs for the UK  – hard.

Vintage at Goodwood, seems quite the unique music and cultural festival, celebrating five decades of everything that is British cool. There were five separate areas centred around a theme (soul disco anyone?), a main stage, daily runway shows and a unique custom-built ‘High Street’ to feature the worlds’ largest vintage market alongside pop up outlets from John Lewis to Oxfam (although what John Lewis has to do with vintage, I am not actually too sure).

There were even salons that style hair in vintage fashions fit for your club of choice. Camping grounds featured dressing rooms with mirrors, so you could frequent the festival in your best vintage threads.

And if the facebook photos are anything to go by – that is exactly what people did.

How come this festival is so far away from me? Ummm vintage fashion, music and art with camping? Oh heck, I would be a pink creature in mud. And while it did apparently get some things wrong, I think the promise of this brand new festival is pretty darn huge! Now then – how to make sure I am in the UK in time for its next iteration next summer.

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