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Week One : Chrissy’s Six Items or less Challenge

As Inga mentioned in a previous blog, we have both decided to undertake the six items or less challenge – which means wearing nothing but the same 6 items for one month, not including underwear,shoes or jackets.

Why this madness?  I feel strangely compelled to give it a go.  At times I feel slightly claustrophobic when I look at my wardrobe.  At times I spend a ridiculous amount of time putting on different outfits before I go to work.

So here goes!

After thinking long and hard over the last few weeks, I finally decided on my six items last Monday- which also happened to be the first day of the challenge.  Needless to say I found it really difficult choosing. I am far from sure that they will be the right choices. Here are my chosen 6 items.

1 skirt + 1 t-shirt + 1 pair of jeans + 1 kowtow dress + 1 kilt dress +  + 1 cardigan = my wardrobe for a month!

Progress report – Week 1

The week at work was pretty good – I can get dressed in 2 minutes which is great!  Although I noticed today I spent twice as much time in front of the mirror trying to give myself a new hairdo and ferreting though the jewellery box…

The weekend was a bit trickier, I had to wash everything – so all I had to wear was my jeans and black cardigan.  Fairly uninspiring! I really wanted to slip in a seventh item but my flatmate talked me out of it.

What I’ve discovered so far:

Forced to take a really close look at my wardrobe I now have a better understanding of what’s in it but shouldn’t be, and what’s not in it but should be!

Realising how few of my clothes I could handle wearing non-stop for a month, has been a bit of an eye-opener too.  I’ve realised that when I go shopping to find something special but can’t,  I buy something anyway just to go home with something new!  From know on I am only buying things I love.

Today’s outfit

– Chrissy

2 thoughts on “Week One : Chrissy’s Six Items or less Challenge”

  1. You guys are choice! The 6 items or less challenge – excellent idea.
    I always have to fight my way through scores of tightly packed garments in my wardrobe only to put on the same thing I wore the week before and the week before and the week before…
    Assuming you survive this challenge the next one will be to cull your wardrobe according to your new insights gained – that is when my heart really races but I am coming to terms with the fact that it has got to be done – at least in my house it does.
    Good luck!

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