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Week One : Inga’s Six Items or less Challenge

OK so its the end of the first week of the Six Items or Less Challenge that Chrissy and I are embarking on for one month. And I’m very proud to announce that we have survived the first 7 days of wearing the same six garments!

If you haven’t heard, Six Items or Less is a “Global experiement examining the power of what we DON”T wear”. After learning about the experiment and reading some very inspiring stories from those who had done it we decided to give it a crack ourselves. There are some official guidelines to make it manageable: undergarments, swim wear, work-out clothes, work uniforms, outer jackets, shoes and accessories don’t count in the final six. You are also allowed to get multiples of the same item for laundry purposes, but different colors count as separate items. Chrissy and I decided that to succeed in the experiment in the crazily changeable and often freezing / windy / cold / wild weather of Wellington we would also add undergarments like plain t-shirts and singlets and an option of two cardigans to the mix.

The first week hasn’t been too hellish – however my white button up cotton dress has popped the same button twice (gah!) and I am very much wishing I had selected more than one pair of jeans to my line up. (line up includes 1 black woolen dress, 1 white cotton button up dress, 1 pair of black jeans, 1 indigo over singlet, 1 wine colored merino t-shirt top, and 1 black merino bat wing cardigan) Also I got a new office job contract for the next few months which I hadn’t been planning on – so the Assessments & Qualifications team at a certain Government Department are going to be blessed with my lovely wool knit black dress day in and day out for the next 3 weeks. Time for the accessories spruce up!

But I must admit it has made getting dressed to go out WAY easier and funnily enough I have not had a single urge to enter clothes shops in the last week – mainly because I know I can’t wear anything new anyway!! Also I haven’t actually even worn all 6 yet -madness! So the experiment is definitely turning some cogs up there somewhere….

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