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Ode to Tama

This is a blog entry dedicated to the joy that is Tama. This is Tama,

He is often this hairy. Especially, I imagine, when he is biking across Mongolia. As Tama does. You can probably already guess he is one out of the box. He really is something special.

He deserves an ode for reasons beyond the scope of this wee blog – he is choice in all sorts of ways and we love him. That is why Marcus and I choose him as one of our very best men, when we got married in April,

That's Marcus and his merry men

But essentially, this is an ode to Tama because The Big Shwop’s website is only cool because he made it so and we want to thank him. Since 2008 (!) he’s been helping us deliver The Big Shwop, with his ever-so-handy IT skills. Even while being away in New York, Vancouver, Berlin, Borneo and Mongolia. To be honest, actually, he wasn’t very good at helping us with our IT issues when he was in the backlands of Mongolia – can’t think why ;P

Tama has just helped us re-launch our website, yet again, and it is swish. Flash, new revolving photos, and a page to go directly to the blog, and a lovely back end that means we don’t need to holler to Vancouver every time we need a logo added. And, you can pay online seamlessly through Paypal for your next Big Shwop ticket. Its a wonderful new world!

Our beaut new website

So thank you Tama –  for everything and for helping to make The Big Shwop as hot-darn-diggity as it is. We love you and your work.


Sarah, Inga and Chrissy

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