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A new dress a day

Check this blog out.  She is aiming to wear 365 different dresses a year, for $365. What? Well, she buys them thrift, like this:

And with a snip there and  a thread there, transforms each and every one of them into something much, much cooler…..

What a star.  I am trying to conjure up a sewing-type hero to compare her to, but I am stumped. Lets just say she’s like a Julie and Julia type character for those with sewing machines.

My sister had sent this site on to me knowing I would be ultra-appreciative. I have a real penchant for op-shoppy dresses.  I have a myriad of them, from the sundress:

to the stretchknit:

To be honest, I have probably been wearing awesome one-of-a-kind vintage numbers since I caught a triple horse ride to bed on Dad!

(thats me in the front, with a lovely wee smock on)

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