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Green Graffiti – masterpieces in moss and grass

While scrolling some environmental pages on the net I came across this amazing new art form – green graffiti. Linda from Environmental Graffiti explains it beautifully: “Imagine an art form that uses living, respiring material; an art form that creates mini eco-systems in often complex and beautiful patterns. It changes the face of urban landscapes and redefines the term ‘urban jungle.’ It breathes life anew.”

What a great idea – I love these green creations!

Anna Garforth is a London-based artist who has created ‘Mossenger’ – site specific art installations from materials and tools found on site. Anna is currently working on an on-going moss street art project.

Attaching the moss to the wall using completely biodegradable ingredients, the moss will hopefuly colonize and grow.

Hungarian born moss graffiti artist, Edina Tokodi lives and works in New York City, and concentrates on bringing the natural world to an urban landscape. She is strongly motivated by the necessity to change our habits in regards to the environment.

She is renowed for her moss art of rabbits and animals dotted around New York streets:

Here is one of her installations at the eco friendly ‘Green Room’ at Designers & Agents, the premiere fashion tradeshow in New York City.

Tokodi’s work urges people to interact with her art, to touch it, feel it, use all the senses in appreciating this environmental and natural art.

There are infinite ideas and mediums for green graffiti, Danish artist Morten Flyverbom covered this VW Beetle in grass as part of his collection of ecological art pieces.



You will need a blender to make the mixture and if you plan to grow your moss outdoors you will also need a seed tray filled with compost.

  • Several clumps of moss
  • 1 pot of natural yoghurt or 12oz buttermilk (experiment to see which works best)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
  • Plastic pot (with a lid)
  • Paint brush
  • Spray-mister

Getting the recipe to work can be quite difficult, the location and weather conditions need to be spot on. Moss thrives best in damp areas so if you have to grow it indoors make sure you spray it with water frequently. As soon as it starts to grow, transplant it in your chosen location and watch your graffiti art spread.

xx Inga

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