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The story of cosmetics

A lot of what underpins The Big Shwop is a dissatisfaction with the current model for consumption. We rant about it heaps here, here and here . Essentially, we reckon we can all be smarter in the choices we make about what we wear so the earth and its people dont suffer so much.

This translates too, to not just what we wear, but what we put on our bodies as well. Annie Leonard the creator of The Story of Stuff has followed up with The Story of Cosmetics. Its a great wee watch, and reminds us all why companies like Trilogy, who support The Big Shwop, are so gosh darn important. Their philosophy that is bound by a commitment to environmental, cultural and ethical sustainability. They have a HUGE ethical focus to what they put into their products, and after watching this video, I for one am very,very glad for brands like them, in a ‘beauty’ world that ain’t that beautiful.

Check it out.

This video has come from The Story of Stuff. If you haven’t seen the original yet, its great. Do watch it.

1 thought on “The story of cosmetics”

  1. Hi there,

    It’s OK to look at the world’s problems through the eyes of other nations such as the US, but I think it is more critical to look at the local situations too.

    Such as NZ tap water is polluted with chlorine and fluoride both quite toxic. Probably more than cosmetics, as water is vital for health on a daily basis.
    This fluoride is a chemical imported from overseas and
    pumped into Wgtn water, not good for lungs and heart… etc…
    (even boiled, contamination stays in the water one drinks).

    Your group could be doing some research and perhaps, lobby the council for improvement. It’s all about educating oneself and then taking ACTION for CHANGE.
    With water privatisation looming in Wgtn, it becomes more important to vote for the right leadership…

    Best wishes,

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